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Renseignements pratiques/Practical info

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- Lieu de la conférence : / Conference place :

Station biologique de Roscoff

Conferences will start on Monday 5 June in the afternoon (around 4 pm) and end on Friday 9 June at noon.


Participants will stay either at the hotels "Gulf stream", "Hotel de France" or "Triton".
Meals will be served in the "Gulf stream".
The cost of the stay full included is 340 Euros (single room) or 252 Euros (double room).
Payments will be made directly to the Station biologique for participants whose stay is not covered.


More information are available on the Roscoff tourism website

-By train.

The most convenient way is to take a train to Morlaix.
From Paris, there are fast trains going to Morlaix station. On Monday 5 June, a convenient train is the one leaving from "Gare Montparnasse" at 9h08 that
arrives at 12h52.

To go from Morlaix to Roscoff, there are :
- local trains (half an hour trip).
- bus (Line 29, 40 min trip)

A bus leaving around 13h30 will be booked for people taking the 12h52 TGV.

Here is a map of Roscoff with the Gulf stream, the conference center, the Hotels and the train station :,+le+gulf+stream,++station+biologique/@48.7232459,-3.9858843,16z/data=!3m1!4b1

To leave, there are trains from Morlaix to Paris at 14h18, 15h10 (via Rennes) and
A bus will be booked to go from Roscoff to Morlaix for the 14h18 train.

-By plane

Brest International Airport (BES) (57 km from Roscoff)
There is a shuttle between Brest airport and the Brest bus and train stations (20 min).
There are a few buses from Brest to Roscoff
Roscoff by taxi (48 min)

There are flights from :
Paris - Brest : 1 hr 10 min (direct flight)
Lyon - Brest : 1 hr 25 min (direct flight)
Bordeaux- - Brest : 1 hr 50 min (via Nantes) ; 3 hr (via Lyon) ; 3 hr 15 min (via Paris)

- By car

From Rennes, take the N12 motorway to Morlaix (185 km), then the D58 road to St-Pol-de-Léon/Roscoff (25 km).